Luo Junyan

                                          Foreign Language School in Business English Class 1 of 2013

                                          Exchanged to Cambridge University

                                          The exchange program is a treasure in my life. The academic life in Cambridge was really tough but definitely worth the pain. The 9-month experience has witnessed a great progress in my studying methods, time management skills, and critical reasoning ability. Meanwhile, being a more independent individual than I was before, I had more time to travel, to read and to reflect. This exchange experience helped me to be more tolerant and appreciative towards different cultures and lifestyles, and to find my real interests and goals. The world in my eyes is getting smaller while my inner world is becoming bigger.

                                          Wang Zhendong

                                          A undergraduate student majoring taxation

                                          Exchanged to Miami University, Oxford

                                          My unforgettable overseas study experience in Miami University as an exchange student is definitely a treasure to me. The outstanding faculty, the high standard facilities, diverse and well-prepared courses and varieties of training programs present the best environment for students to learn, to improve and to live their lives. The dedicated professors spare no effort in stimulating students to think critically and apply what they had learned to solve practical problems. The case studies, the group projects, and tons of reading materials may be tough at first, but later you will find how crucial they are to shape your mindset and expand your social network.

                                          Zhao  Shuyang

                                          Major in World Economics in School of Economics

                                          Exchanged to University of Bologna

                                          Founded in 1088, University of Bologna is the oldest university in Europe. The moment I stepped into the main faculty building, I felt a pleasant atmosphere of culture and history. This university emphasizes self-discipline without mandatory class attendance. Lectures are always open to students’ ideas and questions. We are allowed to apply theories into practices through frequent group projects, which are not only enjoyable but also helpful for gaining a thorough understanding of the knowledge we learned. Besides, I learned some daily-use Italian, and improved my English naturally when I communicated with my group members from all over the world.

                                          Xiang Junyuan

                                          Major in School of Real Estate Development and Management in School of Economics and Administration

                                          Exchanged to University of Cologne in Germany

                                          Recalling my days in University of Cologne in Germany as an exchange student, I still feel so privileged to be granted this opportunity of overseas study so that I can take a deep look at a different kind of civilization and explore my own world. The vitality and humbleness pervading the campus, the enthusiasm and respect for others established in our daily lives, and developed education, pension system and humanities permeating every part of the society help me gain more insights into pondering upon what we, as the most promising generation, can and should do for our home.

                                          Xiang Junyuan

                                          Major in School of Real Estate Development and Management in School of Economics and Administration

                                          Exchanged to University of Cologne in Germany

                                          My half-a-year journey as a exchange student started in the beautiful sunshine of California in University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I experienced a different but exciting pattern of learning and lifestyle, got exposure to a large amount of knowledge, developed some academic interests and made some good friends from diverse backgrounds. This exchange program brought me a lot of challenges but more importantly, it endowed me with a good opportunity for all-round growth. I really appreciate such valuable experience and also consider it an important part of my university life.

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